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Is the Kremlin able to “wear” the image of a “peacemaker”? 4

During the implementation of Russian’s aggressive policy the Kremlin fights against the EU and the USA for the redistribution of spheres of influence, destabilizes the security and socio-political situation in Europe. Russia supports the opposition forces in the EU and finances and creates activities of the radical and nationalist organizations, provides assistance to the forces seeking to secede from the European Union or for the cancellation of sanctions against Russia.
Through the providing of the security conference in Moscow (April 27-28, 2016) the Kremlin tries to distance from the conflict in eastern Ukraine, in Georgia, Transnistria, Syria and the Nagorno-Karabakh through some “discussion” among experts for European regional security and the fight against terrorism. Russia has positioned itself only like a side that is concerned about the situation regarding the radical Islamic groups and interested in the international political and military cooperation in the fight against international terrorism.
In order to legitimize their actions towards the Ukraine and possibly in the future against other countries, Russia at such conferences is trying to discuss the issue of review of the existing international assets – agreements relating to the regional and global stability. This position suggests that Moscow could ignore existing interstate standards, brutally violate them, and develop new, profitable for Russia coexistence principles. This approach should disturb first of all post-Soviet states because they can be threatened on Russia’s imperial ambitions. This is primarily Moldova, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia. However, the sphere of interests of the Kremlin also includes Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland.
Rejecting the allegations and denying the facts of the presence of Russian soldiers and military equipment in Ukraine Moscow tries to share some thesis about its key role in the security sector in the region and the commitment to the provisions of the Minsk agreements. At the same time, the Kremlin continues to collaborate with terrorist groups worldwide. For example we can use the close cooperation of the Kremlin with DNR/LNR since 2014th or the terrorist and bandit formations of Ramzan Kadyrov since 2000th.
In the system of international security well known the practice when one state provides specifically a policy of the repression of Islamic radicals from their territory to ensure that they carried out their activities in other countries. For example, the Russian authorities have realized such acts in the Caucasus. As a result, many Islamic radicals from the Caucasus are fighting in ISIS troops. Moreover, now the Russian military operation in Syria displaces of the radical Islamists from the Middle East to Europe.
Demonstrating the concern about the security situation in Europe and the growth of terrorist threat, Moscow will try to reduce the sanctions against Russia. And now for the West it is very important to reduce or to cancel the sanctions against Russia only on the condition when Moscow starts to fulfill the norms and principles of international law.


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